The rules

I will post once a week, even if that is just a list of what I have read (or watched, or seen, or thought). Monday mornings will be the weekly post time. I will add some little notes to drafts through the week.

I will write for the sake of writing, for practice, for discipline. Sometimes writing will be about my academic reading and research, but mostly it will be about trying to say something I’m interested in rather than synthesising everything I’ve ever read complete with footnotes. It’s OK to just ask questions.

Sometimes I might write about gardening, walking, cooking or eating. Sometimes I might write about education, teachers and the internet. Sometimes I might write about the nature of knowledge. It’s all about making sense of life.

Sometimes I will fail. Sometimes it will be boring, or wrong. That’s OK, sometimes it will be fun and interesting. It usually won’t be the last word on a topic, which is OK, because there are always more words and more ideas.

Sometimes I will change the rules.



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